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Cascadia Kitchen is a home bakery in Hillsboro, OR.

Cascadia Kitchen operates under Oregon's Cottage Food Law, also known as Oregon's Home Bakery Exemption. The home exemption allows me to sell baked goods directly to consumers with some restrictions, and to run a food based business without needing to obtain a domestic bakery license or have my home kitchen inspected. Cascadia Kitchen is an active LLC, pays taxes, and is registered with the State of Oregon as a cottage food business. It is ultimately my goal to build this small business to the point where I can move out of my home and into a commercial kitchen/studio. Every order helps me move a little closer to that goal.

In the meantime, I work hard to ensure all your cakes are made with the same meticulous attention to sanitation that I give to every other aspect of their design. I have separate food and tool storage within my kitchen and hold an active food handler's card. I worked for over a decade in bakeries and restaurants and have exacting standards born from that experience. 

There are some limitations to the type of products I can work with out of a home kitchen. Simply put, I am required to work with shelf stable components and cannot use ingredients like whipped cream or cream cheese that require refrigeration.

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