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For the professional foodie.

Cascadia Kitchen isn't just a home bakery, it's also home to all the art I create. I am a baker by trade, but I have been a photographer since adolesence. Photography is one of my greatest passions in life.

With the coronavirus pandemic shifting so much of our world online in 2020, I found myself reconnecting with my camera, a ten year old cropped sensor Canon 60D. It's not a great camera anymore. But I replaced the lens, purchased speedlights, and began the task of teaching myself studio lighting. I shot a lot of food and product photography before ultimately deciding to focus on selling cakes to the public, while still doing the occasional freelance photography work for small businesses.

I have big dreams of turning this website into a consistent blog with beautiful photography, educational cake content, and of starting a youtube channel as well. And my not so secret dream is to ultimately write and shoot a cookbook.

For now, this page serves as a gallery of the work I've done with my camera since I started shooting again in 2020. 

Photography: About
Photography: Portfolio
Photography: Portfolio
Photography: Text
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